Snakes & Lotuses in Berlin, Germany

Brotkunst & Putiklub Present Snakes & Lotuses

5th June 2008, Berlin, Germany
This was an exhibition of my sketches, poetry and video art titled Snakes & Lotuses at Putiklub Gallery. It was a fantastic show! The people were really into the scene and understood my work. The gallery itself was really perfect both for its location and its ambiance. Its in East Berlin where all the art is at. People who came were artists from all disciplines - painters, performers, poets et al. The gallery is literally underground and thus has very controlled lighting - which for me was perfect. It was also rather avant-garde, grungy hipster-like in some ways. and this added to the sense of freedom and openness of the event.
The exhibition was essentially similar in nature to my Exhibition at Naples. It varied in that I did a short performance poetry piece as well as screened my animation film 'Aasae - Desire'. Also, Brotkunst poetry was displayed and Dennis Freishlad's film 'I Am' was screened.

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