S&L at C/O Pop + Putiklub Live Electronica Experiment

Under the Music Experts from Asia Program by the Goethe Institute, a group of 10 musicians, DJ's, VJ's, record label owners and event organizers were invited to visit Berlin and Cologne to interact and set up possible future collaborations with German colleagues. C/O Pop, an electronica music and art festival in Cologne, took on the further hospitality of hosting us at the festival. It was a fantastic idea, that over time hopefully will bear fruit in several creative directions.

This group met for the first time, in Berlin. We were from different states across India, Sri Lanka and Pakisthan. But it really did feel like family from the word go. On the 3rd day of us hanging out, we came up with a plan to pull off an experimental live electronica DJ-VJ session. Putiklub Gallery hosted us and the whole crew contributed in terms of sound-video samples as well as in participation. Snakes & Lotuses sketches with Brotkunst poetry was up in the gallery as well as part of the sessions-by-candlelight ambiance.

The next few days were spent in a daze of clubbing and hanging out at really super DJ and live acts across Cologne. The C/O Pop festival is one of the biggest electronica music & art festivals in Europe and it didn't disappoint. The organisers had given us a room to display our work, and so Snakes & Lotuses and Brotkunst was displayed for the first time in Cologne here.

Overall this was a great experience, both from the standpoint of show-casing my work in these cities and also for the fact that I got to meet, see and get to know some really talented people from across Europe in the electronica space. Here's to more of such thingsā€¦

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