City Signals

Shivajinagar Underground Walkway | 27.01.09
Artists:Rahul Giri, Ricard Widerberg & Archana Prasad

The Shivajinagar Bus-stand underground walkway is a symbol of the city’s growth, progress and developmental change. This rapid urbanisation that Bangalore is witnessing is a cause for much concern as well pride. Amongst the cacophony created by this process of change the city appears to have lost its voice. It seems to have lost the ability to look at itself and connect to the people who reside within it. We hope to create an awareness of the citys' spaces and their significance to its people through our efforts. In doing this interaction we hope to initiate a dialog with the citizens present there. This interaction involved 2 audio artists and I as a video artist. Together we created, mixed and projected live sounds and video footage at this public venue. The whole process from setting-up to shutting-down took approximately 3 hours and was part of the Social Art in the Public Realm Workshop.
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