Curriculum Vitae

Meet contemporary Indian artist Archana Prasad. Her modern style of painting reflects the exciting urban milieu of Bangalore, India. She uses oils and acrylics as her primary mediums of self-expression. Video art and Community or Public art are also part of her forte. Archana's ink on paper drawings use her background as an animation film-maker in a language that is at once original, distinctive and beautiful.

Educational Qualifications

• Advanced Entry Program - Animation Film Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
• Masters of Fine Arts - Art History, Chitrakala Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
• Painting Scholar, Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad
• Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting, College of Fine Arts, CKP, Bangalore

Exhibitions & Workshops

3for Group Exhibition at Jaaga 2010
Snakes & Lotuses: Exhibition of Video Art, Poetry and Drawings at 1 Shanthi Road Gallery, Bangalore January 2009
Performance Poetry and Display of Sketches at Maya Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2008.
Festival c/o Pop, Cologne, Germany Display of Sketches and Poetry from the Snakes & Lotuses series, 2008.
Putiklub, Berlin, Germany: Sketches and Video Art from the Snakes & Lotuses series, 2008.
The Correra Contemporary Art Gallery, Naples, Italy: Sketches, Poetry Reading and Video Art from the Snakes & Lotuses series, 2008.
The Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India Studio Scholarship and Group Exhibition, 2001.
Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat Group Exhibition, 2000.

Major Projects

Jaaga - Creative Common Ground
We Are Here - SMS-based participatory performance on the streets of Bangalore
Poetry Across Borders - live shared international poetry performance events
Art & the City - Online Journal on Contemporary Indian Art
Neighbourhood Diaries - Stories and Histories of Neighbourhoods in Bangalore
Hampi Crafts Documentation - India Digital Hampi Project
Digital Narratives - A Microsoft Research Project
Samuha - An Artist Initiative and Collective
CitySignals - A Sonic-Video Public Art Project
The Manjunauts - A Sci-Fi Experimental Electronica Art Band
The Bangalore City Project - Connecting the City through Culture
The India Digital Heritage Project - A Microsoft Research Project


» Research (Papers available on request)
Art & the City - Executive Editor of this online art journal
"Digital Heritage", presented in the Video Showcase at CHI 2009 | Aditya Sankar, Joseph Joy, Archana Prasad and Naren Datha
• Exploring the Feasibility of Video Mail for Illiterate Users – Presented in in the proceedings of the AVI Conference 2008, Italy
• SMSBlogging: Blog-on-the-Street Public Art Project – Presented and in the proceedings of the ACM Multi Media Conference 2007, Germany
• Optimal Audio-Visual Representations for Illiterate Users. International World Wide Web Conference 2007, Canada
• The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project – Presentation for the Presidents Award 2004 to HCP Pvt. Ltd., India
• Photography and the Avant-Garde in Art – Dissertation. Bangalore University 1999

Select Press Articles

Goethe Institut, Bangalore | 01.01.10
DNA Bangalore | 9.1.10
Time Out Bangalore | 1.12.09
Jet Lite In-flight Magazine
TEDx TALK, Mumbai, Dec 2011:

Work Experience

Co-Founder, Jaaga [ 2009 to Present]

Launched on August 7th 2009, Jaaga is an urban art-architecture project. It aims to service the design, art, technology and social change communities by providing space to interact, present and share work. The architecture of the space is unique, modular and temporary. The 4 storied building can be packed into a container and moved to a new venue. I work on this project with Freeman Murray, mad together we hope to bring together art, technology and the neighbourhood to create change that is proactive and forward moving.

Co-Principal Investigator, Hampi Crafts Documentation India Digital Hampi Project

The Crafts Council, Karnataka, in collaboration with Jaaga Media Center will conduct an extensive survey, digital documentation and end user experience for crafts of the Hampi region before, during and after the Vijayanagara era.
In this context we will potentially look at crafts of the feudalists and/or pastoralists. We would be interested to present our findings from this project through an rich online experience, so that this would lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Hampi crafts amongst the wider public both nationally and internationally.

Executive Editor, Art & the City [2009-10]

Art and the City is an online journal that provides analytical writings on the state of contemporary art and art practices in India. It focuses on the four cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. I work on this project that is instituted by the Goethe Institut, Bangalore as the Executive Editor and part of the founding team that initiated this journal. It is on-going.

Co-Initiator, Samuha [2009]

Begun on the 22nd of June, 2009, Samuha is an artist initiative and collective. It exposes a unique collective-time share model that enables 24 participating artists to share a common space of 1250sq. ft. in the heart of Bangalore for a period of 414 days. I work with Suresh Kumar G and Shivprasad on this to ensure that the project is smooth running and the learnings are well documented on our website.

User Experience and Art Consultant, India Digital Heritage Project, Microsoft Research India [2008]

With advances in the fields of Computer Vision, Graphics, and Interactive Media, we are in a position today to both record and showcase the rich architectural, historical, and cultural heritage associated with monuments, both in India and across the world. The Digital Heritage Project is a collaborative initiative between the Industry and Academia, with the aim of using novel techniques to efficiently capture and present various aspects of India’s diverse heritage, while at the same time advancing the state-of-the art in related research areas. My interest in art, culture and technology come together perfectly in this project that is currently on-going.

Assistant Researcher, Microsoft Research India [2005 – 2007]

Was involved in the development of technologies relevant to emerging market contexts. Re-looking at the urban-scape of India’s metropolis with the goal of providing relevant services and applications tailored to their unique requirements. Involved deeply in designing, developing and prototyping communication and social-networking based applications that aim to seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline scenarios. Leadership in building a HCI community by hosting design cross-company and academia meets and conferences. Published and presented research papers at ACM CHI 07, USA, ACM Multimedia 07, Germany, AVI 2008, Italy and others (please contact me for the papers).

Lead Designer, Educational Toys Project - Crafts Council of Karnataka [2006]

Developed a prototype kit of 20 toys using a turn wood-based handicraft method called Chennapatna Lacquerware, to aid in primary school education. This is now is production and is being retailed through Kamalini, Crafts Council of Karnataka.

Founder, ThoughtFox [2004 to present]

Founded ThoughtFox a creative collaborative studio. The simple idea being that it would provide the physical space for designers, artists and creative thinkers to collaborate on diverse projects and produce successful and well-rounded results. Some of the projects worked on include:

» Video Art & Animation

• Live Video Art with CitySignals
• Live Video Art with The Manjunauts
• Live video projectionist and lighting designer for Lounge Piranha
• Live video projectionist and lighting designer for Nameless Now
• Aasae (Desire) – An animated film of a woman’s interpretation of urban stress (please contact me to view the film
Clear Blue – An animated film about the notion of seeing and being seen

» Poetry, Sketches & Community Art

• Poetry Across Borders
Bangalore City Project – a Max Mueller Bhavan initiated community driven urban art and culture project
Brotkunst – poetry on-the-streets community founded in Germany by Dennis Freischlad
Standingonfish – a community art project

» Site Specific Art

• Mural at 1 Shanthi Road as part of Snakes & Lotuses Exhibition
• Wall painting for Vasundhara Das’s residence
• Wall Painting for Sean Blagsvedt’s Residence
• Wall Painting for Subroto Bhowmick’s Residence
• Graphic Murals for Bearys Realty
• Digital-Illustration Murals for CSM India
• Mixed media mural for Zenith Tools Manufacturers

» Websites

Neighbourhood Diaries
Malleswaram Accessibility Project
Still in Transit
MES College & Institutions
Hampi Crafts
Poetry Across Borders
Samuha Artist Initiative
Bangalore City Project

» Graphic Design

• Exhibition Design and Graphics - Vastrabharana 2007 to 2011
• Album packaging & website design for Still In Transit
• Complete branding, identity and interior graphic design for the café chain Kaapi Club, Kerela
• Flyer for Centre for Trauma Care, Bangalore
• Conference Kit for Artiman Ventures, Bangalore
• Logo and office stationery for Perceptions Consulting, Bangalore
• Visiting card, website and stationery for Vasundhara Das
• Stationery and packing for Kanya, Bangalore
• Greeting Cards for ITC, India

Intern Producer, Channel [V], Mumbai [2002]

Worked on a series of on-air promos for the channel. These were aired on national TV during the football season. Created I-Dents that are currently archived at this channel. View sample promos >>

Media Visualizer & Project Lead, Intermedia, Bangalore [1999 - 2000]

Internet / Web Application, Software Applications, GUI and Print-based Design
Project Team Lead and Design Lead for Subex Software, Processor Systems India, Hughes Software, Satyam,, Escotel, Aagami

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