In Memory Of

An Exhibition of Drawings, Poetry and Video Art
At: 1Shanthi Road Gallery, Shathinagar, Bangalore | 16th to 18th January, 2009

This exhibition explores impermanence and memory. It is in the simple gestures of a moving, shifting impermanence that the beauty and truth of spontaneity erupts.

Through this show, I reveal the inner thought and process of creating my work. I present drawings, poetry and video art as remembered reproductions of experiences felt long ago, inspired by everyday moments. I look at my work as spontaneous and poetic attempts to capture these experiences, and choose to show them as they are - without the imposition of formal structure and construction.

The drawings are not illustrations of what is written. Rather, both drawing and writing are used in an attempt to capture a thought or memory that is triggered by the present. The smell of jasmine as I pass by a flower vendor may remind me of a moment with my grandmother 15 years ago. In that moment, the force of memory is immense. These illusive thoughts, transitory and in the moment, like a fragrance, are recollected as diary notations of images and text.

It is the present that links to the past, and thus the objects and experiences that inspire memory - the flowers, the vendor – are also important. They are the catalyst that recreate that one moment with the sun streaming down on my childhood. Like thought, my works flitter between the then and the now fluidly.

This process of reference, remembering and memory in the moment is what I try to capture through this show. On display are 15 of my personal diaries - representing the visual poetry and written drawings over the last 4 years - alongside the site-specific installations and video-art.

This show is dedicated to my grandmother - Smt. Ammani Iyengar.

Site-specific Performance Painting


Archana Prasad

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