Snakes & Lotuses in Naples, Italy

Correra Contemporary Art Gallery Presents Snakes & Lotuses

29th May to 1st June 2008, Naples, Italy
At this exhibition I showed my Sketches and Video Art from my Snakes and Lotuses series. The red walls and orange drapes of the gallery seemed like the perfect backdrop for my work. I basically used 2 mobile constructions that allowed me to display 30 of my sketches. It was made of metal wire and clips. I used the window inset to frame them. Additionally I used nylon wires and standard metal binder clips to 'hang' sketches against the wall. I used these implements to display my work so as to gain a more spontaneous, artist's work-in-studio feel.
I really liked the way it all worked out. The beautiful Naples light filtered in through the orange translucent drapes onto my work while the gentle wind kept it constantly rotating and animated. The static sketches against the red wall looked rather dramatic and very 'designed' too. This exhibition was also shown at the Putiklub in Berlin, Germany. Click here to read more about the Berlin Exhibition >>

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